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Registration    InkElite    2023

Thanks for your interest in getting a booth at InkElite 2023! 

We are receiving an overwhelming response to artist and vendor booth applications all the time. Below is a little more info on how to apply for your  booth.

Filling out the online application  does NOT  guarantee you a booth – but rather allows us to review your tattoo work/portfolio, studio, and more for a possible invitation to purchase a booth at InkElite.

We do NOT email applicants back unless they are to receive an invitation for a booth.


Applying for a booth does not guarantee you will receive an invitation.

If you have received an invitation already, you will need to text us  in the additional information field.


The first step below is to get your application into our system for review based off of the information you provide in the online form. More information and invoice will come to you by mail. 

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